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Frequently asked questions

Why trim my trees?

Reply: To get rid of broken branches, which are not only unattractive, but also dangerous. To give the tree good health by eliminating dead branches and avoids spreading of diseases.

When is the most favorable time to trim?

Reply: In the off season (end of winter / beginning of spring) is the best time, but anytime when necessary.

Will I damage my tree by cutting dead branches near the trunk?

Reply: Absolutely not, by cutting dead branches you isolate the organisms that are potentially disease-carrying.

Is it possible to eliminate a stump after cutting down a tree?

Reply: Stump removal is in fact the total elimination of the stump and the main roots. It serves among other things to restructure the land and secure foundations and pools. For the esthetic look, stump removal is the finishing touch of cutting down a tree.

Can I trim my trees myself?

Reply: Beware he who trims, you cannot cut anywhere or any way. You will need appropriate tools. Instead, why not ask our specialists to do it for you, this way you are assured a follow up of your trees.
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